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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-01Antibacterial evaluation of selected mediacal plants against standardEl kamali, Hatil Hashim; Mohammed, Moneer Fathi
2008-05Development of the Arabic Legal EnvioronmentAli, Fadl Allah Ismail
2015-12DRUG USE INDICATORS IN DENTAL TEACHING HOSPITAL IN KHARTOUMAltayeb, Altayeb Mohamed; Alamin, Mai Abdalla Humaida
2011-01Ecnomoic analysis of some factors affeting cotton productivity in the GeziraAbd Elaziz, Hag Hamad
2016-06Effect of Animal type and pedigrees on cholesterol content triglycerides levels some minerals content and vitamin (E) levelsin their meat fatsAbdelhakam, Khadir E. K.; Izzeldin, Omer M.; Nour, Azhari A. Mohmed; Nugdallah, Gaafar A.; Bushara, Amir M. M.; Gadein, Khalid A.; Elsmani, Mohamed O.
2016-01Effect of processing methods on nutritional value of sorghum (sorghum bicolor L. Moench) cultivarNour, Azhari A. Mohmed; Abdelrhman, Eman E.; oSMAN, Eman F.; Khadir, khadir E.; Hussain, Nazik F.; Abdelatif, Nahla A.; Sukrab, Awd M. A.; Eldirany, Amir A.
2009-01Germination of Cephalocroton Cordofanus (Hochst) Seeds under different treatmentsFangama, Ismail Mohamed; Mohamed, Abdel Hafeez Ali
2006-06Nutritional evaluation of data pits in brollers diets BYEl-Faki, Mahassin H.
2013-01THE ORIES DE LATRADUCTIONAli, Fadl Allah Ismail
2016-01Performance of dielectric soilmoisture sensorson Elrawakeeb Loamy sand soilBabiker, Amir Elhag; Abdelbasit, Mohamed A.M.; Elnasikh, Maria .H; Yasuda, Hiroshi
2006-06Preliminary Description of a Soil Profile at the old Farm of the Agricultural Faculty of Omdurman Islamic UniversityElmurtada, Mohamed
2014Problems Encountered by Medical Students in Translating from Arabic into EnglishBedri, Amna; Mohammed, Fatima Elnaeem
2009-01Response of potato to Different Levels and Types of Fertizer in the Tropical Environment of the North of SudanAli, Abdlazim Mohammed; Elamen, Safildin M.; Abdel Rhman, A. Elrhman
2008-05THE SCOPE OF INTERPRETAIONSheikh Al-shabab, Omer
2017-04-25Solutions of inhomogeneous Wave Equations Using the Adomain Decomposition MethodKaitan, Abdallah Habila Ali; Khalifa, Almabrouk Mawloud Salem
2009-09Some observations on the function of Legal TextsAli, Fadl Allah Ismail
2015-01Spatail and seasonal varatien of the Drinking Water Quality of the Red SeaAhmedon, Abubaker Bakheet Abubaker; Abuzied, Hussien Mohmed Ahmed
2016-01Water Balance Simulation model for Optima Reservoir sizing and multi-CropElramlawi, Haitham R.; Elshikh, Mohammed Abdelmahmood; Mohmed, Hassan I.
2000اثر فترات الري والكثافة النباتيةعلى نوعية بذور القول المصريأحمد, فيصل القاسم; أيكة, إخلاص علي مرفعين